Giving Blood and Vitamin E!

Do you give plasma on a regular basis?
 Do you suffer from scarring?
 New research shows that there are some great ways to prevent/remove plasma donor scars. 
Most regular donors know that the side effect of donating plasma on a regular basis for a duration of time is plasma donation scars. These scars appear red or clear in color and often match the injection site.  They can often make giving plasma more difficult in time. 
Perfectly Posh is here to HELP!
 You don’t have to suffer or fear anymore! Perfectly Posh is here to help with our portable and easy to use Liberator….
Giving Blood and Vitamin E!
$12.00 each
How to Prevent Plasma Donation Scars

Long term donors have scars – it’s an unavoidable side effect of donation. You can prevent arm scars, though. Here’s how to prevent plasma scars:

·                     Switch arms every donation. Some plasma donors are righties, some are lefties. Be an ambidextrous donor! Switching arms (being ambidextrous) prevents scars by allowing your arm skin to heal.
·                     Take vitamin E cream with you. Apply vitamin E cream before and after donation. Vitamin E is essential to skin healing, so rub on some vitamin E to prevent scars.

·                     Drink gallons of water! Okay, not that much. But drinks lots of water. Skin tissues need water to heal. Being properly hydrated leads to easier skin healing and less plasma scar formation. Not to mention, your donation time goes quicker when you’re properly hydrated, so drink your water.

Our  Liberator (skin stick) is loaded with just what you need to prevent/remove plasma donation scars.
The Liberator is Vitamin E loaded for preserving youthful skin
Promote elasticity with Vitamin E
Help prevent free radical damage to your face with The Liberator
The Liberator helps repair small erosions in skin that make it look tired
The Liberator is loaded with antioxidant rich Vitamin E.
The Liberator is free of dye and fragrance, great to put on face and treat eyes. 
Vitamin E in the Liberator will help speed cell regeneration
The Liberator, vitamin E stick helps skin retain it’s natural moisture
Vitamin E in the Liberator promotes better circulation in skin
The Liberator is a great way to keep cuticles and nails looking healthy.
The Liberator will free your eyes from pollution damage you encounter every day. 
So first try.. vitamin E! Vitamin E not only prevents plasma scars – it can also get rid of scars. Vitamin E is essential to healthy skin cells and tissues, so rub the Liberator on the scar twice daily to diminish the appearance. Don’t mess with those Vitamin E oils and liquids that make such a mess, try our Liberator for ease, portability and decreased scar tissue formation!!

If you would like more information about our Liberator stick you can contact me at or check out my catalog at
If you work in a Plasma donation center or give on a regular basis I would love to offer you our Buy 5 get one Free deal!  Contact me today to order, to receive Posh Catalogs for your office or samples to try yourself. 

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Giving Blood and Vitamin E!

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen is a mom, fitness fanatic, and the owner of a Perfectly Posh team with more than 2,000+ members. Shaleen is the second Platinum/Pinnacle Premier with Perfectly Posh, and she believes that every person deserves to take time out for self-care.

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