Pamper that Cold!


Just in time before the Cold/Flu Season is in full force.
Just in time before the Cold/Flu Season is in full force.

YES, I have had customers asking!! It is back by popular demand and just before the #cold and #flu season kits in!. I have already heard Jersee and Tavin coughing.. (UGH)

Time to stock up!  I love that they can carry the stick with them all day. (yes, your going to school) The shower steamers are amazing because little ones can use them in the bath.  Love the way they open your airways and make you feel so much better.  Easy, portable and just what you need when you don’t feel the best!

If I could recommend anything else I would also recommend getting the Immunator! along with this. The #Thieves Blend it this amazing #pamperingset will make you feel so pampered when you most need it.
#coldseason #fluseason

What is it? The Pamper Your #Cold Set includes Shower Tablets and a Cold Relief Stick that both contain a powerful blend of #peppermint, #eucalyptus, pink grapefruit, and tea tree essential oils.

Plus, The Pamper Your Cold Set is purchasable with Perks and included in Buy 5, Get the Sixth Free!

Now available at

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen is a mom, fitness fanatic, and the owner of a Perfectly Posh team with more than 2,000+ members. Shaleen is the second Platinum/Pinnacle Premier with Perfectly Posh, and she believes that every person deserves to take time out for self-care.

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