What is a Leader? What is a Team Member? Together we form a TRIBE!

What is a Leader?  What is a Team Member?  Together we form a TRIBE!

Direct Sales?  MLM?  STOP!  NOT HERE!!  We are here to bring-in,  build-up and help you branch out.  Do you have what it takes?

Are you a MOM that just had a baby and hates the thought of leaving your child at home with someone else?
Do you have extra time on your hand and want to invest in yourself?
Do you need some money to make ends meet?
Do you want to have fun and get out of the house?
Do you love to share products and be the first one of your friends to have the newest and best?

Let me help you see your potential with our Posh Crew team!  Here at Posh Crew we have over 4,000 members that work together to bring-in (no matter what your goals),  build-up (educate, support and help) and Branch-out (help you help others find their FREEDOM)

As a Leader we expect of ourselves
– generosity of spirit
– listen to where you ultimately want to go
– spend your time wisely and learn how to help you succeed
– support, listen and encourage
– help you see how your experience can help you build your own empire
– Inspire and push
– Be a mentor
– Be a good listener
– never stop looking for opportunities to help
– be honest in good and bad times
– Create consistency and action
– Walk the walk

What we look for in a Posh Sista
– loyalty
– tenaciousness
– collaborative spirit
– sense of humor
– resourceful
– bring solutions to problems
– help others
– great energy and uplifting
– team player
– rolling up sleeves and digging in
– Passion to start today!

Do you see yourself being a part of our Crew?  We would love to help you build your own empire, become a part of our Tribe and create the FREEDOM you want with your goals.

Start today and get 2016 started off with us!

What is a Leader?  What is a Team Member?  Together we form a TRIBE!

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen Ague

Shaleen is a mom, fitness fanatic, and the owner of a Perfectly Posh team with more than 2,000+ members. Shaleen is the second Platinum/Pinnacle Premier with Perfectly Posh, and she believes that every person deserves to take time out for self-care.

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