Shaleen’s Story

Welcome to Dauntless by Design! My name is Shaleen Ague, and I am excited to welcome  YOU to my page.

 I  am a mother of two kids as well as a fur mom to three dogs. Because I am always on the go, I sometimes neglect to keep a center of balance when life gets a little crazy. I know that life can be hard and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. As humans, the more we add to our already chaotic lives, the more we forget who we are, or who we used to be.

When I feel like I’m taking on the weight of the world, I have to stop and remind myself that I can’t be the person I want to be when I’ve got nothing left to give. Finding myself and taking care of myself should be a top priority because it’s like one of my favorite quotes says, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” 

Dauntless by Design

Every woman is born fearless, but somehow, through life’s experiences, we second-guess what we were designed to do. It is time for us to forget about our weaknesses, our uncertainties, and our insecurities. Women, it’s time to take ourselves back because, at the core, we are all Dauntless by Design! 

I want to help every woman find her fearlessness. It is my passion to help women feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, and BEAUTIFUL. At Dauntless by Design, you will find encouragement, inspiration, as well as find products that will help you feel strong, confident, and beautiful. 

Perfectly Posh is a naturally based body and skincare line that nurtures your body as well as your budget. Plunder helps to promote self-care because each time you adorn a piece of unique and affordable vintage jewelry, you look put-together—even when you feel like a hot mess! And on the days you don’t have time to workout and get ready, your Zyia activewear simplifies your day by helping you feel comfy and confident in your work out gear, whether you are running errands or taking the kids to practice. 

It’s time to help yourself feel strong, confident, and beautiful. You are destined for greatness! 

Let’s work together to get back to what matters out of life. I value you, and it’s time to place your value where it matters most: with yourself. Self-care isn’t selfish. Self-care promotes women who get things done. You are a dauntless AF (American female) uniquely built to be *


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